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Dental Assisting School

Train For Your New Career In Dental Assisting At
Keystone Dentistry Dental Assisting Program!

Let Keystone Dentist Dr. Myers train you for your new career in Dental Assisting
Begin your new career in the exciting field of Dental Assisting directly in our facility!  Actual practicing dental professionals will train you to be a dental assistant in a unique 12 week program taught on Saturdays.  This weekend program allows you to learn your new career while still working at your present job. 
A career of helping people improve their dental health will be rewarding and enormously satisfying for you. No two days will ever be the same and your job will continuously renew itself.

Your training will include:
Crown & Bridge
Front Desk     
Cosmetic Dentistry
Oral Anatomy          
Oral Surgery 
Plaster Models
Dental Assisting School



What does a dental assistant do?
A dental assistant is a very valuable team member as he or she works side-by-side with the Dentist for all procedures. In addition to working beside the Dentist and passing instruments, duties of a dental assistant include: greeting and seating patients, setting up treatment areas using proper sterilizing and disinfection techniques, polishing teeth, taking and pouring impressions to create models of teeth, taking and processing dental x-rays, coordinating patient's treatment and appointments, and coordinating laboratory procedures for the patients.

How is a dental assistant different from a dental hygienist?
A Dental Hygienist requires additional years of dental training. A minimum of 2 years in a trade school or college is needed to become a professional Dental Hygienist. Dental Hygienists are tested and licensed by the state. They provide preventive dental care and teach people how to maintain good oral health. Dental Hygienists are licensed to: gather information to diagnose gum disease, complete first phase of treatment for gum disease, administer local anesthetic, and scale teeth.

What exactly is your program?
It is a 10 week entry level dental assisting course that is given on Saturdays. It is a combination of lecture and hands-on labs. Although there is no externship hours required to complete the program, we strongly encourage students to spend time during the week observing and shadowing our dental assistants. After graduation, students will be qualified to get a job in any dental office either as a dental assistant or in a front office position.

12 Weeks?? What about the 6-10 month programs??
Our program is a unique program which taught in the setting of a real dental office, trained by professionals that are practicing dentistry. They are keeping up on the latest in techniques and technologies. It designed with individuals in mind that do not have the time or the money to spend in an educational institution as our program costs $8000 LESS than the typical tuition of other institutions. We are proud of the low cost of our program.

What qualifications do your instructors have?
Dr. Terry Myers, primarily teaches and directly supervises the program. Dr. Myers taught for 16 years at the UMKC School of Dentistry prior to going into private practice in 2002. Additionally, Keystone Dentistry Education Center has been educating dental professionals since 2004. His Dental Assistants and Hygienists help instruct in the program, all having a degree in Dental Assisting from local educational institutions and one that teaches in a Dental Hygiene Program at another educational institution.

Do I bave to be certified to work in a dental office?
No, you do not have to be certified to work in a dental office. National Association of Dental Assistance in Chicago Illinois is a National Agency that gives certification testing on five areas of Dental Assisting training. In order to qualify to take the test, assistants must work for at least two years before taking any other tests for certification.

What wage should I expect to earn as a Dental Assistant?
The answer depends on where the office is located in the metropolitan area. Graduates of our course average $11.00 per hour to start and our placement rate of our students is over 80%.

How do I get a job after I graduate
Many jobs opportunities are lost after five minutes into the interview, therefore, one of the class sessions focuses on job interview and resume’ writing skills. Additionally, many of the dentists in the area know about our school and will often request a list of our graduates when they need a dental assistant.

The job opportunities for trained dental assistants is excellent in today's marketplace. In most parts of the country, there is an acute shortage of dental assistants.

Along with your diploma, we will provide a letter of recommendation and a summary of your training experience to those students with a 70% or above grade average for the course.


Make A Decision That Could Change Your Life !

If you are interested in earning a certificate like this one in an exciting and rewarding field working directly with patients, then let Keystone Dental Assisting School help you get started today.

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